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8 Tips for Successful Cloth Diapering


Greetings to all the parents out there. As parents, we always give and want to give what is best to our babies. It's always more than a double check thing when it comes to our babies and baby products.

Just like giving the best education, best dresses, healthiest food, best in everything, it is also important for us as parents to give the best in diapering too.

What if I say that you can give the best diapering journey to your baby by using a breathable, soft, chemical free, toxic free cloth diaper? Cloth diapering is two hundred percent healthier than disposable diapers.

Yes, this article is about cloth diapers. So mommies and moms to be, if you chose to use CLOTH DIAPERS for your babies, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have chosen the right thing for your baby.

Mommies and daddies let me tell you, cloth diapering journey can be extremely smooth and easy if done right. And now in this article, I’m going to reveal several tips and tricks that will help you have a successful cloth diapering journey.


Tip #1: Make your own research.

There are so many sources available online nowadays. Make use of it and make your own research before you start your diapering journey.

Cloth diapers come in a wide range of brands, and each brand has a variety of models and styles. Not every baby will have the same hip and thigh sizes and the amount they pee may vary.          

The cloth diaper that suits one baby may or may not suit the other. Also, the comfortability of the parents or the caretaker may vary.

By doing research, you will know how to choose the diaper that suits your needs best, do’s and don’ts, wash routine and so on. Especially you can know the myths.

Hence, read as much as you can about cloth diapers, and watch as many videos as you can before starting the cloth diapering journey for a better understanding.

You can also ask people who are already using cloth diapers, which will make you understand why reusable diapers are better than disposable diapers.


Tip #2: Try samples before placing a bulk order.

As I told you earlier, the cloth diapering market is flooded with many brands. To begin your cloth diapering journey, rather than buying a combo pack or value pack, buy one for trail. In this way you can save money without wasting it on a brand/style that doesn't suit your baby.

You can go for such combos once you land on the right cloth diapers that suit your baby.

Before buying your large stash of cloth diapers, I would highly recommend trying almost every type of cloth diaper.


Tip #3: Always carry a wet diaper bag.

Having a wet diaper bag with you can make your outing with your little munchkin easier. Flush the poop if any or simply wash it and put it in the wet bag. That's it.

Wet diaper bags help you to stay dry when you go out with you babies. You will also no longer have to worry about the stinky smell from the unwashed cloth diapers since the bag effectively holds the odour.


Tip #4: Use stay dry liners.

Are you afraid of cleaning the poop and its stain in the cloth diaper? Here comes an easy tip for that.

Don’t forget to use stay dry liners whenever you are using the cloth diaper. You can clean these liner much more easily than the whole diaper. Just knock off the poop and you’re done.

These stay dry liners are really lifesavers for cloth diapers, protecting them from poop's stains and easing their load on your hands.

 Also, use these liners along with the inserts while you put diaper creams for babies to prevent the inserts from losing their absorbency level.


Tip #5: Join cloth diapering forums.

There are so many groups on social media from which you get lots of insights. By following such groups you can find almost everything you need to know about cloth diapering like the detergent, reviews, tips, tutorials and demos, and whatnot.

When in doubt, you can just post questions and get it solved.


Tip #6: Skin care for your baby's bum.

When you use reusable cloth diapers, you no need to worry about diaper rashes problem and other skin allergies on the bum area. A cloth diaper is extremely gentle on your baby's soft bum unlike disposable diapers.

So, wipe the baby’s bum using cloth wipes or wash with lukewarm water in case of a toddler while you change the cloth diaper. Just applying coconut oil as a moisturiser would be fine before putting on the next diaper.

Don’t forget to use diaper liners along with inserts while you apply oil.

Mommies, I promise you that using these reusable diapers makes skin care a lot easier for your baby.


Tip #7: For the rainy season.

No more worries about drying the reusable diapers during rainy and winter months. You can substitute prefolds to inserts in winter or rainy season as the time taken for prefolds are considerably low.


Tip #8: For better absorbency.

Whenever you buy a new one, wash the insert/ prefolds, liners and the diaper covers before you use them for your little ones for the first time.

Pre-washing makes the inserts or prefolds more absorbing capacity. Doing this will also help you keep away the packing and shipping dust particles from your munchkin’s bum.


Winding up

If you are in the dilemma whether to select disposable diapers or reusable cloth diapers, I would recommend you to go with reusable diapers as they are flooded with lots of perks not only to you and your babies but also to our mother nature.

To all the young parents and parents-to-be who have made up their mind to get into this wonderful cloth diapering journey, kudos to you!!! Trust me guys, you would definitely pat yourself for making this choice over disposable diapers.

All these cloth diapering tips which I have shared above really made wonders for me in my diapering journey. So do try these simple cloth diapering tips.

Hope you will find these tips useful and let us know tricks that worked for you. We would love to hear that.