As Free As A Bird - Pockets
Rs 550.00

Product Details

"Pockets" are simple Pocket diapers with front opening and ruffle elastics that is gentle on baby's skin. Doesn't leave any marks. It is designed to be trim and perfect for a couple of hours during the day. 

For the first time in India we are introducing Brushed Flannel Insert that is made of 100% cotton. This will start absorbing most after 4-6 washes.  Until then please change the diapers in 1.5 hours to avoid Leakage.  After the initial 6 washes,  it should last for 2 hours roughly.  For bigger babies,  you can purchase extra insert. 

The insert comes with 6 layers of flannel fleece in a rounded rectangle shape with fleece side facing inside for longevity of the insert and easier cleaning. 


- the insert takes about 4 to 6 washes to gain maximum absorbency

- do not use brush, dettol or fabric softeners. Drying under sunlight removes stains.

- cold water wash is recommended