Batman - Pockets 2.0
Rs 550.00

Product Details

1. Soft and light weight PUL – non sweaty laminate
2. Front open pocket for easy handling of the mess
3. Best for Active babies – the triangular placement of snaps gives a snug fit
4. 4 level rise snaps give customised fit – diaper that grows with the baby – gives sleek and neat look
5. Cross over snaps – can be used from new born stage
Insert and Booster Combo:
The diaper comes with 6 layered main insert that absorbs the wetness quickly and a
6 layered thirsty booster insert that soaks and retains the wetness. It lasts for about
4 hours during the day.

2 months to 3 years / 3 kgs to 15 kgs

1. Inserts are made with natural materials – 100% cotton.
2. Gentle serged elastic design that leaves no marks around the legs of babies.
3. Suede is used as the stay-dry fabric, which provides a superior stay-dry feel, ease of
cleaning, stain resistant and high durability
4. The same diaper can be used for 500+ washes from 2 months to 3 years of the baby.
5. SGS approved snaps that are of the best quality.

Shell Inner - Suede - Superior Wicking fabric,
Shell Outer - TPUL - Waterproof Fabric,
Insert and Booster – 100% Cotton

Prepping: While the diaper can be used right after first wash, it gains maximum
absorbency in 5-6 washes. Expect shrinkage as it is a natural fabric.

Wash Care:
1. If used, the diaper has solids, spray with a hand faucet and remove solids in the commode.
2. Rinse and store in a well-ventilated place until wash day.
3. Wash in temperature up to 40 C
4. Extra rinse is suggested.
5. Sun Dry

Do not:
1. Soak diaper for more than 20 mins.
2. Boil diaper or inserts
3. Use fabric conditioners
4. Do not store in wet places until the wash cycle for the long life of natural fabrics.